Putting my Best Foot Forward (for you to Worship) this New Years

by on Dec.30, 2012, under Female Domination, Foot Fetish

Mistresses and Goddesses Sexy FeetWell Christmas is over and Ol’ Saint Nick can take his fat ass back to the North Pole… and if you ask me I have a pole I’d like to give Santa to chew on, but I’ll save that for another time! As for me, who says being naughty doesn’t mean you don’t get what you want? Guess they didn’t have me in mind.

So now the New Year is approaching and I for one love the New Year. It symbolizes so many things. So tell me what does the new year symbolize to you (and please spare me the sob stories).

Now let’s put our two best feet forward, and walk right into – or you can crawl into – the New Year with me at the helm…

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Merry Christmas from your Muscled Goddess

by on Dec.24, 2012, under Muscle Worship

Tis the time of year when it is better to give than receive. Well I for one have given the gift that keeps on giving… ME!

I’ve given you little maggots a handful which you can’t handle, a verbal tongue lashing that leaves your mouth open wide, and a muscled body that you keep begging to adore. So I’ll give you one last gift before the years is up… HA HA just kidding… but…

Have a Merry Christmas anyway!
Happy Holidays from your Muscled Goddess

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Muscle Chicks Take New York

by on Dec.13, 2012, under Fetish, Muscle Worship

It’s exciting to try something different. Case in point, myself and Goddess Roxalia are as different as night and day. Sure there are the obvious differences and then the not so obvious differences. No matter what side of the fence, we’re two muscle chicks that love to have our muscles worshiped by bitches like you!

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Love Slave

by on Dec.06, 2012, under Female Domination, Fetish

Love Slave Poem

Admiration is the best form of flattery. I’d say this “love slave” is showing me just how much he admires me… I actually like it. Why don’t you tell me what you think.

Her dark, smooth skin
Is stretched so tight
O’er muscles that
Show female might

With beauty she
Draws a man near
And then makes him
Her power fear

Tween her strong thighs
She’ll squeeze and squeeze
Til he screams out
“Release me, please”

She’ll pin him down
Hold him in place
Then with her breasts
Smother his face

Soon he submits
She’s filled with joy
He says “I give
I’m your boy-toy”

Her big muscles
She will flex
He’ll kiss her bis
And muscled pecs

He’ll worship her
And they’ll make love
She’ll take him to
Heaven above

From now til he
Goes to his grave
He’ll always be
Her true love slave

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Sexy Female Muscle

by on Dec.03, 2012, under Female Domination, Fetish, Muscle Worship

So it’s nearing that time again, the time that my travels are coming to end. That means it’s time to buckle down and train, train, and train. Not only myself but it’s time to train the two slaves I have just acquired.

And anyone who says muscles aren’t sexy can kiss my tight ass good bye! LOL

Black Female Bodybuilder Flexes Sexy Arm Muscle

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Naughty Mistress

by on Nov.28, 2012, under Female Domination, Femdom Video, Fetish

It’s wonderful being adored, loved, and even feared. That feeling when I look right into your pathetic little soul and know just what your thinking.

I may be barking orders or seducing with with my eyes and touch… and that was the case while on my travels, I decided to allow one of my favorite slaves to entertain me. How you ask? By doing exactly what Mistress adores… with a little ass worship to get the party started.

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Kink in Amsterdam

by on Nov.02, 2012, under Female Domination, Girl on Girl, Travel & Tour

Ebony female bodybuilder backstageTime is of the essence when you travel. When your in my shoes time is all you have and it flies by with the blink of eye. So in Amsterdam I made good use of my time and did a very, very, naughty beat down. It was two-on-one, all-girl, kinky femdom action with Rita Sargo… I promise it was well worth seeing.

In fact, sometime I even scare myself, ’cause I’m a BITCH! Don’t let the sweet smile fool ya. ;)

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Featured Guest: Goddess Roxalia

by on Oct.26, 2012, under Female Domination, Fetish, Travel & Tour

Goddess Roxalia

You’ve heard the saying there are two sides to every story, and this rings true when talking about Goddess Roxalia. She’s the mysterious rock hard muscle Goddess in more ways than one. This muscled beauty stands 6 feet tall, with Amazonian mile high legs that will leave your tongue wagging like the pathetic little dog that you are. This powerful Goddess also has 17 inch biceps that she will wrap around your scrawny neck and slowly squeeze you like an anaconda leaving your weak little body lifeless.

With her commanding presence and hypnotic stare, “The ROCK”, as I call her, will have you on your knees worshiping her perfectly sized 8.5 pedicured toes. The fun doesn’t stop there, you just have to step into her lair and test fate. The question is do you dare?

Goddess Roxalia is new to the scene and is quickly sharpening her skills and looking to play with willing subjects. So, for any that are interested you can see both Mistress Treasure and Goddess Roxalia in a little two on one fun this coming Nov 14th(limited times are available). For more info you can contact me at MistressTreasure@yahoo.com or Goddess Roxalia at GoddessRoxalia@yahoo.com.

Goddess Roxalia in police uniform Goddess Roxalia in garters and stockings

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Kinky Video Shoot in Amsterdam

by on Oct.19, 2012, under Female Domination, Femdom Video, Fetish

The European version of Sin City is Amsterdam where anything sensual or sexual is fair game. Nothing seems taboo here… trust me. So it’s a place where I try to shoot as much as possible.

Case in point is this video shoot. You’ve seen this victim before and normally he’s taking one of my huge toys (well huge but it still fits). Today we changed things up and did some CBT, with me trampling him, some electrical play, and even a little bit of stoking his ‘ego’. Why not? Even a dog needs a bone once in a while.

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Sexy Muscled Diva’s European Tour 2012

by on Oct.12, 2012, under Femdom Video, Fetish, Muscle Worship, Travel & Tour

OMG FINALLY! I can finally upload to my website and blog!

I’m usually a bit more diligent on sharing my adventures when I travel, but my sharing has been silently squashed. Why you ask? Well, city after the city on my Muscle Worship Tour of Europe hasn’t had the internet, UGH (and when I did, I forgot about it – this shit ain’t happening)!

Finally I shot something I can upload, so here ya go…

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Currently I’m in Zurich, Switzerland and the next stop is Amsterdam in the Netherlands. There I will be seeing subs and slaves, of course, but doing some shooting as well with the second guy I have ever met that can take a HUGE C*** up his ass (so you know we will push the envelope… so to speak). I also hope to shoot some muscle building and training workouts. I’m still not sure how much I’ll be training, but when I do why not video it, right?

NOW READ THIS…I am NOT, let me repeat, I am NOT pregnant! Come on assholes, really? I mean your really better off saying I was gay (not that either). Just saying. I just did a show in August, and it’s only October. Math isn’t my strong suit, but please…

Anyhow I’m done venting. Time to shower up, look sexy, and tease some helpless sap into submission… Next stop Amsterdam…

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