Hot Muscle Chick and Weak Submissive Boys

by on Apr.15, 2013, under Bodybuilding, Female Domination, Muscle Worship

Hot ebony muscle chick flexing her biceps and shoulders

Summer time is a time for getting in shape and letting it all hang out. But for you pathetic weaklings summertime just means waiting in the shadows, looking for hot muscle chicks on the internet. Be it summer (or any other season) you will always be weak, timid, and submissive…

Oh, you can test the waters if you dare, just make sure to bring your box of Kleenex…

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Getting in Tip Top Shape for the Summer

by on Apr.11, 2013, under Femdom Video, Travel & Tour

Mistress Treasure blows a kissWell it’s been a minute since I posted on my blog so here I am giving the skinny on what’s going on.

Since my last tour to the East Coast (brrrrrr), I have moved to Las Vegas. Though I am adjusting, I’m still in the process of remodeling… a handy man would come in handy right about now.

Aside from my move this Muscled Goddess is getting back into tip top shape. I may compete, I may not but I do have tons of summer projects that need me flexed and sensual… it’s a win win either way. So chill the fuck out and come visit me in Vegas.

The odds are in my favor that I will KICK YOUR ASS… Lady Luck is on my side now… BITCH!

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High Heel Stiletto Shoes

by on Mar.20, 2013, under Fetish, Foot Fetish

Black High Heel Stiletto ShoesSome may say these classic black stiletto heels are outrageous because of the high platform base and long spiked heels. Yet to a Dominatrix it is a key piece of her arsenal and as essential as a gun to a police officer. For me the stiletto only heightens the imagery of my muscled thighs, adds a few inches to my already commanding presence, and makes grown men become my doormat.

For the weakling with a foot fetish that begs to surrender and worship at my feet, well for him… or perhaps you… they are a little piece of heaven as I order you to suck my heel like the good little lap dog and slave that you are. For you my stiletto heels are more than just a shoe. If you are very lucky perhaps one day you can lick them clean and become no more than the mere dirt that lies beneath.

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Washington DC can Kiss My Ass

by on Mar.13, 2013, under Fetish, Muscle Worship, Travel & Tour

Muscular ebony Mistress Treasure in a black corset
Mistress Treasure flexes her ebony muscles in a black corset

Coming to Washington DC…


How do you like me now?

KISS my ASS (you wish)!

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The East Coast Muscle Worship Tour Continues

by on Mar.11, 2013, under Femdom Video, Muscle Worship, Travel & Tour

Mistress Treasure on the East Coast Muscle Worship Tour

Hello my minions!!!! Tis I your Ebony Muscled Dominatrix that is back once again on yet another East Coast tour. I’m currently doing what I do best, spreading decadence to all that care to indulge. Don’t be shy and come join me. With any luck I may be stopping in a city near you…

Check out my travel schedule here.
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On the Road Again… Now Touring the East Coast

by on Mar.06, 2013, under Travel & Tour

Here I am on the road again… the East Coast tour has begun! Just landed in Boston, and will be visiting New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. Check out my full schedule:

On the road again touring the East Coast

March 6-7
March 10-12
March 13
March 15

April 15-16
April 17-18
April 19

May 13-14
May 15-16
May 17


New York

Ft. Lauderdale

Dallas, Addison TX

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The Ultimate Surrender

by on Mar.05, 2013, under Female Domination, Fetish

White slave submits to black mistress
White Slave Submits to Black Mistress

One of my favorite past times… now I wonder why? Does it look familiar or is it simply a fantasy in your mind? Maybe it’s time to make it a reality. Trust me, it can be so much more.

When you’ve been taken then you’ll understand. It is the ultimate surrender.

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Sick and Tired in Las Vegas

by on Feb.18, 2013, under Travel & Tour

Yes, the Mistress has moved!

Sure I’m keeping a smaller place in Los Angeles for my visits (’cause LA will always be my home), but I decided to move to Las Vegas to expand (I guess one can say my empire), and to start my production company which I plan to launch at the end of the year. So I have been MIA preparing for my move, when upon doing so, I get sick. WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT… like moving wasn’t a pain in the butt already. Now I’m sick and moving too… give me a break.

I guess I’ve deflowered one too many bitches and karma is a real bitch! Yet in the mist of chaos, feeling dirty and not so sexy due to moving, I showed up, had my assistant whip out the camera, and did an impromptu photo shoot.

Mistress Treasure’s recent photo shoot from February 2013!
Black female bodybuilder and dominatrix
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Bigger, Better, and Badder

by on Jan.22, 2013, under Female Domination, Fetish, Muscle Worship

Bigger and better biceps for Mistress Treasure
They say great things comes in small packages. I say, “Yeah right”! I say bigger is better, and bigger and badder is where I wanna be! You bitches need to bend over and hold onto your ankles, or get the ‘f’ out of my way ’cause this Black Muscled Domina is a one woman wrecking crew…

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Sexy Sultry Bitch

by on Jan.15, 2013, under Female Domination, Fetish, Foot Fetish

Here’s another snap shot taken from the beginning of the year. This one I call “Sultry Mistress”.

Many think a Mistress is all bitch, and though that is true this Mistress loves being a sexy sultry bitch. Why not tease you with my lips, flaunt my muscles in your face, and tickle you fancy with my manicured feet? Because there’s one problem… you don’t deserve it!

So sit back and beg bitches, ’cause its never gonna happen… or can it?!
Sexy sultry bitch

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