Big Cali Style

by on Apr.02, 2015, under Fetish, Travel & Tour

It’s getting HOT in HERE… while I do it BIG CALI style… next stop the OC BOOM last chance to play.

Mistress Treasure doing it big in Cali


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California Dreaming

by on Mar.30, 2015, under Travel & Tour

Oh my goodness Your Highness is returning to her old stomping ground, the West Coast where it all began. Tis sweeter than my firmly plump ass nestled on your sad yet gleaming faces. So boys and some girls put those tongues back in, and get those asses to wagging, the Mistress is headed to the Bay area then on to CALI BOOM.

Who’s ready to please and play with the Muscled Ebony Mistress?

Mistress Treasure's sexy photos

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Bend Over Boston to New York Mischief

by on Feb.25, 2015, under Female Domination, Fetish, Travel & Tour

Big black Boston booty

So, what emotions did Boston evoke? Bend it like Beckham comes to mind… and bend it I did. I bent those weak little white asses over, and pounded my hard black c#ck not one, not two, but three times today.

Three strikes and I had those bitches eating out of the palm of my hand. Oh my, I buckle at the knees of the thought!

Well enough reminiscing and time to call it a wrap in Boston and pack up and ship out to NYC. Ohhh New York what mischief we will get into? I shall never tell. Have a nice weekend.

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Boston Bound Mistress

by on Feb.18, 2015, under Travel & Tour

Mistress posing in Cleveland and Detroit

It’s that time again boys. The Mistress is making her winter rounds on the Northeast and sure it’s cold… brrrrrrr! But this Muscled Diva can thaw out the worst of the cold and leave you dripping wet, so don’t miss out. And if your lucky maybe I’ll warm you up… NOT!

Next stop, Boston.

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A Big Texas New Year

by on Jan.07, 2015, under Female Domination

Gorgeous Mistress on webcamSo were you naughty or nice? Did you receive coal in your stockings or a sweet treat from Santa’s Muscled Helper… mainly me. If not, oh well, and better luck in 2015.
Well I finally moved in and am still settling into Texas, where GUNS are not the only thing that’s BIG. Got a lot to get in order, and lots to come. Hope to finally start some sexy webcam action in February, but now I’m gonna try out a test shoot with a hot little stud. Not sure he can measure up to the gusto but we’ll find out. Time to ride this cowboy on home…
Happy New Year bitches!
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Lust, Control, and Sensuality

by on Dec.18, 2014, under Female Domination, Femdom Video, Girl on Girl

Mistress Treasure seduces and dominates submissive female.

Awwwww, to conquer a conquest, to seduce and have yield and savor the moment upon impact when lust meets control and sensuality becomes demanding. ‘Tis a dance I lead and she follows. Hear her plea as I make her beg. ‘Tis my song and dance, and I am Mistress Treasure.

If you missed it the first time don’t worry come see this moment in my femdom video archive…

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The Beauty, the Beast, and the Mistress

by on Dec.08, 2014, under Female Domination, Muscle Worship, Travel & Tour

Hello my minions, fans, slaves, and supporters. I have been away for far too long after my lengthy European tour. I have made my way to Texas for now, to test the waters to see if I like it (if not next stop Florida). Come January 2015 I will drop anchor somewhere and call it home.

2015 will bring about some much needed changes to the website members area and clips for sale. With a kick off of my new production company I will be shooting more videos and will be in need of models and victims. One catch will be shooting where I LIVE so you better hope it’s a residence near you. So don’t wander off too far, and stay tuned to your Mistress on social media (MizzTreasure). HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

The Beauty
This beauty, known as Mistress Treasure, will captivate you with her intense glare and luscious full lips. She will smile at you while mocking you with her eyes, whisper in your ear while teasing you with her curvacious body. Never underestimate her playfulness and carefree spirit. Her tongue and wit is razor sharp, and she never hesitates to chew you up and spit you out, and let you know who’s the boss.

The Beast
Every beauty must have a beast, but The Beast resides within The Beauty we know as Mistress Treasure. We’ve all seen her postings on her array of social media links, and if not, this little pic is just a sample. The Beast will flex her huge biceps after a great pump. It is rumored that The Beast also comes out in certain plays dates… OUCH… and if disrespected she will knock you out, or punch you so hard it takes your breath away. Hey, you were warned! So heed this warning and be careful for what you wish for. This beauty is not only beautiful, but also beastly when disrespected or in the gym.

The Mistress to worship
Who doesn’t desire, yearn and crave to serve and worship this Ebony Goddess? Her bountiful curves leaves your mouth watering. Her silky skin mixed with hard muscles makes you hard with the passing of the wind. Her pretty little toes can not only crush you, you desire to have them upon you as her foot stool. But most of all you dream to feel the powerful thrust her Mandingo, an extension of her that will further her control and dominance.

Sure there are many you may have seen before, but only a few make up the the complete woman that I speak of and know as Mistress Treasure. It is something you will have to find out for yourself. When you do decide let me know, because once you have sampled from her plate it is a feast you will make you want to come back for more…

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Your Goddess has Returned

by on Nov.08, 2014, under Female Domination, Fetish, Travel & Tour

Hello my minions.

Your Goddess has returned from Europe, full of wonder and delight at just how many weaklings bowed down to the deviant Mistress you know as Mistress Treasure. Her muscles bulging, her curves hypnotizing, and many have fallen to her sensual yet sinister charm and wit.

Now this Mistress packs up for yet another adventure as she moves from Vegas to… who knows where? Well, you will have to return and read about it…
Your muscled goddess

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Naughty Diva in Europe

by on Oct.27, 2014, under Female Domination, Travel & Tour

Well, well, look what I finally got my ass to do. This Mistress has been a naughty Diva. Caravanning through Europe like Ole Saint Nick spreading great cheer, or so you think. No I have been busting balls, squeezing necks, and any other body parts I can clasp in my firm grip (and trust me, many do now know of my strength). But all is fair in love and war, and here I have been busy spreading cheer, torturing, turning men into boys, boys into idiots, and idiots into slaves and bitches. So as my tour winds down don’t miss out…

Next stop Milan, hope to see you there.

Mistress Treasure tours Europe

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Worship Me on my European Tour

by on Oct.18, 2014, under Female Domination, Muscle Worship, Travel & Tour

Lookie, lookie, here… another week’s gone by as my Kiss My Ass tour of Europe continues. So if you haven’t served and worshiped me, well you have missed out. Oh well, SHAME ON YOU!



Oct 12-15:    London
Oct 16-17:    Stockholm
Oct 18-20:    Amsterdam
Oct 21-23:    Frankfurt
Oct 24-25:    Munich
Oct 26-28:    Zurich
Oct 29-30:    Milan

Ebony Mistress ready for worship

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