Domination and Erotic Seduction

by on Mar.29, 2014, under Bodybuilding, Female Domination

Dominating a man is, and has always been, just as intoxicating as seducing one. Seduction is simply an act of enticing someone into a desired state (or in my case a position), it’s a cat and mouse gameā€¦ I am the skillful cat toying with your senses, using my dangerous curves and muscles to awaken those urges and desires. But it doesn’t just stop there, the feel of silky skin on skin, a soft whisper in your ear and gaze into your eyes makes you come unglued. CHECKMATE! Now the real fun begin.


Domination and erotic seduction

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Mistress on the Move

by on Mar.12, 2014, under Female Domination, Fetish, Travel & Tour

Ebony Mistress posing nakedThe Mistress has been on the move, been on the hunt, and has been flexing, bumping and grinding from Florida to her last stop Boston. Oh WEEEEE, did you miss out, oh yeah! I turned a few men to bitches, some bitches to sluts, and a few who were unsure into slaves.

So what’s next? Well it’s time to shift gears for a minute and chill. Well sort of, summer is around the corner so it’s time to shed my winter coat and get lean and hard with bulging biceps and abs of steel. Of course what better way to showcase this than a webcam? Not sure which one yet but I plan on finally joining MuscleGirlzLive and/or Her Biceps.

When I do I’ll post it… so stay tuned…

Mistress blowing kissesMistress working out in gym
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The Misconceptions of Being a Lifestyle Domme

by on Feb.08, 2014, under Female Domination, Fetish

Black muscular Domme flexes musclesThere are many misconceptions of being a lifestyle Domme

That there is a slave at your beck and call – please good help is still hard to find even in this lifestyle.

Or all slaves have small cocks… MMMM well, not my boy toy’s, PLEASE!!!!

Ebony Mistress in kinky military fetish gearOr all Dommes wear fetish gear 24-7. REALLY, do you think I want to cover up this HARD BODY?! Hell no! I work my ass off so, I’m gonna show it off!

But I do have my moments when I like to don my fetish gear and parade around the house or play. When that happens WATCH OUT… this time the Boss Lady is taking no prisoners.

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In Control

by on Jan.30, 2014, under Female Domination

Ebony female muscle, before and after
Often I’m asked, am I only assertive in the gym. For those of you fortunate enough to cross my path, you know the answer. For those of you searching to find the answer, I simply say, knock on my door, step into my room, and let the fun time begins. It’s a one way ticket and I’m in control… Oh yeah, there is more to me than meets the EYE!!!!

So come get an eye full.

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Getting Hot in Atlanta

by on Jan.22, 2014, under Travel & Tour

The new year has been well underway and and so are my travels. So far I’ve hit Dallas (they do like big things in TX) and Chicago (where bigger things were preferred). In the Windy City it was a party to remember with house music at its best.

Next this will be getting HOT in Atlanta. You gotta come back to read that post…

Mirror Mistress

Ebony Mistress

Sexy Mistress

Muscle Mistress

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Kicking Off a New Year and Fab Tour!

by on Jan.08, 2014, under Bodybuilding, Travel & Tour

New Year, New Muscle Worship TourBlah Blah Blah… you know Happy New Year to all who are passing through…

2013, WOW, can’t say enough about it. I moved to Vegas and I finally won my Pro Card! So the new year brings many blessings to which I am grateful for, good friends, slaves and loyal fans. Don’t worry I’m not going soft, just expressing my many thanks.

With that said, the the New Year will kick off yet another fab tour to SD/SF, the East Coast, and maybe Toronto this February and March. Maybe I’m coming near a city near you, so do check my tour dates.

For anyone asking this is what I look like NOW (yes now!). So take a look at my Fan Page on Facebook for updates as well as MizzTreasure on Twitter.

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Have you been Naughty or Nice?

by on Dec.25, 2013, under Female Domination

Click for a Christmas present from you Ebony GoddessTis this season to be jolly, but the question is have you been naughty or nice? I myself have been a naughty Mistress spreading not-so-good cheer thoughout my travels. For one expecting little boy – despite his naughty behavior – he decided to treat himself to the gift that keep on giving… Me! Equipped with muscles, power, and a dominant attitude I beat his ass for his naughty behavior… which he had coming. :D

Now don’t you wish come Xmas morning I was wrapped under your tree? Then again that depends on if you’ve been naughty or nice…

Merry Christmas (click on image for a Xmas present)!

For more of your favorite Mistress visit!!!

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Are you a Naughty Little Boy?

by on Dec.21, 2013, under Muscle Worship, Travel & Tour

Greetings from Zurich.

Well my many minions, it’s time to put a lid on it. I’ve come to the end of my tour, so if you didn’t meet me during one of my many muscle worship tours you were a naughty little boy! But, there’s always next year… so don’t fret and come back soon and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be under the tree.

Naughty little boys in Zurich

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Getting Naughty in Amsterdam

by on Dec.16, 2013, under Travel & Tour

Getting naughty in Amsterdam

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Off to Europe…

by on Dec.05, 2013, under Travel & Tour

Are you ready to serve and submit?Are you ready to serve and submit?
Well my bags are packed and I’m just doing a few last minute things before I’m off to Europe for a little one-on-one with anyone who has an “itch” that needs to be scratched. Don’t worry, no matter how the story ends it will be an happy ending. So don’t be shy, step right this way, and come see the Muscled Diva you know as Mistress Treasure.
I’ll be waiting for you.
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